How to write an essay: using available samples

It is quite a common practice for students to find the sample essays online and then use them for writing their own essay. This can be very helpful as the student gets a complete guideline of how to write his own essay from scratch. Students sometimes have good written expression and the necessary research for writing an essay but they are confused in how to start. Sample essays are of great help as they give the students an idea about

  • The format of the essay
  • The desired tone and writing style
  • The structure of different types of essay
  • The outline of the essay
  • The purpose of writing an essay
  • Concluding the essay in a convincing manner
  • Using online samples
  • Write your own essay

When you download a sample from a website you must know that you are only going to use it for assistance. Never simply copy and paste the same essay and send it for submission. This is considered plagiarism. The sample essays are only meant to help students get an idea about how an essay should be written. They have been written by someone else and published and used on different places already. If you submit such an essay the chances are that your instructor will detect the plagiarism and you may be suspended from the university.

Follow the format

If you have to copy anything from the sample essay then it must be the format. It is the only thing that stays same in different essays. You will have to change the wordings and paragraphs completely though. If you have not written a certain type of essay before and are not sure how to format it then you should follow the one in the sample essay.

Don’t fall for bad quality

The online samples are meant only for guidelines. They have been written by someone and used by many. They may be repetitive and sometimes can be poorly written. The content quality is not maintained in these essays as they are not intended to get a grade or make an impression. They are merely samples. Do not think that if the sample essay available online is poorly written then you can also write a low quality essay and submit it. You may use sample essays for assistance but keep in mind that you are writing to earn a good grade while they are merely samples.

Posted by December 6th, 2016