The Cay by Theodore Taylor Book

Theodore Taylor is a popular author who writes interesting books set in unusual locations. Many of his books are great choices for middle grade readers (those in 5th through 8th grade). His books are often set in unusual, exotic locations, and the characters are very easy to connect to because they are flawed and interesting. The Cay is one of the most popular of Taylor’s books and many 5th and 6th grade students are assigned this book during their time in school.

Teacher Candidates Required Reading

Because The Cay is ideal for middle grade readers, many college students who are studying to become middle school teachers and upper elementary teachers have to read this book during their college years. Teacher candidates often have to create lesson plans for The Cay or they have to write research pieces that show they know how to teach this book to strong readers as well as student who are struggling readers.

Where to Find Lesson Plans

Since The Cay has been read for many years, there are several places that teacher candidates can look to find lesson plans and articles that have already been written about the book. Many of the lesson plans are available for free. There are also many websites that do charge fees for lesson plans, especially when they are complete unit plans for short novels like The Cay. There are also many websites where teachers can post their own lesson plans so they can sell them to other teachers who are willing to spend a few dollars to get good plans that already have everything included.

What to Include in a Good Lesson Plan about The Cay

A good lesson plan for a novel like The Cay needs to have a few elements. The first is a good introductory activity. For The Cay, many teachers like to look at the geography of the novel, since it takes place in such a unique location. Then the lesson plan should include some vocabulary work so students can practice new words. It should also have chapter resources that include all levels of skills, like summarizing, analyzing, synthesizing, and more. Lesson plans also include quizzes so teachers can check for understanding. The end of the plan should have some culminating activities that allow teachers so have a summative assessment so students can show their learning.

Many students love reading The Cay because it is an exciting adventure story. Since many lesson plans also include background information about the author, students usually learn that Theodore Taylor also wrote some other very exciting adventure novels, too.

Posted by December 6th, 2016