Editing College Essays Online

While you can’t edit the essays online per se, you can edit the essay after you’ve gotten it. The matter you receive it in can vary somewhat. There aren’t many different methods to doing so.

  • Using essay samples
  • Essay writing services
  • User posted essays

These are all shady methods of getting an essay, but will allow for you to edit essays from an online source. The point here is that they have to come from somewhere and if you don’t write them yourself or get them locally, then you got them online by some means.

Using Essay Samples or User Posted Essays

On essay writing service sites, there will be essays they’ve put up to show their writing prowess. If you do a search for the kind of essay you’re looking for, you could find something in that area to work with. It might not be the exact essay, but it will at least be in the subject. For instance if you look for an essay on Women’s Rights and the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, chances are you’ll find a few essays with one of these topics or both.

Also, some students who finished their essays and received grades might put it up for all to read. At any rate, given that the essay is up in text on a site and not .pdf, you can copy and edit the paper as you see fit in hopes of making as indistinguishable an essay from the original as possible.

Essay Writing Services

If you managed to get your essay written with an online service, you can edit the paper once you receive it. That’s honestly all to it. You shouldn’t need to edit anything since you paid for it and it should be an extremely strong piece of academic writing. As a matter of fact, if you have to edit anything other than maybe adding your title block, you should get your money back or have the service make the edits for you per your request. There’s nothing wrong with requesting editing and re-edits on something you’ve paid for.

Legit Editing Online

A more legit method is if you have the paper you’ve written online—meaning saved to an online word processing service either via a stand-alone site or through a well-known, large email, media, and search engine site. It would be odd that you were editing your college paper through this method, but it was done by your hand which makes it legit.

Posted by December 6th, 2016