3 Tips to Picking the Right Proofreading and Editing Service

Online proofreading and editing services are quickly becoming the new rage for students at all academic levels. Their convenience, skill and low pricing draws in large crowds of students in need of proper editing services. However, just because editing and proofreading services are readily available doesn’t mean they’re all who they say they are. Some editing services do the bare minimum, handing you back mediocre work that isn’t edited properly at all. These companies are only in it for the money, and aren’t invested at all in the success of their customers. Finding a trustworthy, capable proofreading and editing service can be a real challenge. Students that follow these three tips, however, will find this impossible quest for great editing services a little easier to master. To find a great service, simply:

  1. Ask for examples. This is a crucial ingredient to selecting a competent editing service – perhaps even more crucial than finding those five-star customer reviews floating around the internet. Getting example of the service’s past work is the best way to judge their skill level and quality of work. Read through example and keep an eye out for any mistakes or organizational dilemmas that may hint to a less-than-expert service. If the examples seem genuinely well edited and proofread, you’re likely to get similar results from the service. If a proofreading and editing service does not provide examples, beware; what exactly do they need to hide? Why can’t they show you their past work?
  2. Get the inside scoop. When selecting a proofreading and editing service, the friendliest and most communicate companies are the ones getting the big business. These services also tend to value customer satisfaction much more highly than services that give their client the cold shoulder. When you’re selecting a proofreading and editing company, try to make person-to-person contact, whether it’s via phone or email. Get to know the company, its history and its services. Ask for the credentials of the writers. Know their company ethics and values. The more you know about the people who’re editing and proofreading your assignment, the better.
  3. Send in a ‘test’ assignment. Now, we know you aren’t made of money – but these writing services typically give you pretty cheap deals, so it’s likely you can afford a little trail run. If possible, send the company a small assignment – perhaps something you made up – for them to edit. Throw in errors and incongruities that they should catch. When the paper comes back edited and proofed, decide whether or not they really do function up to your standards. There’s nothing wrong with a little test before you hand over your precious assignments!

Posted by December 6th, 2016