What Main Paragraphs Should An Essay Consist Of?

If you are new to the world of essay writing the first thing you need to know is what types of paragraphs should be included in an academic paper. To begin with a very basic essay consists of 3 types of paragraphs. These are known as the introduction, supporting body paragraphs and the conclusion. When put together these five paragraphs create a simple 5-paragraph essay. It is important for student author’s to know how to construct each of these paragraphs if they want to succeed at essay writing.

  • Mastering The Introduction
  • The introduction is the first paragraph in your essay. It is usually the most comprehensive because it includes both the thesis statement as well as any background information the reader may need.

    A well-written introduction should also include a brief summary of the 3 supporting points that the essay will include.

    It should also have an intriguing clincher to grab the reader’s attention!

  • Composing Your Supporting Paragraphs
  • The next type of paragraph in an essay is known as a supporting paragraph or body paragraph. Although an essay can really have as many as these as the author wishes or the assignment requires, a general rule is that an essay should have at least 3. Each supporting paragraph should also include 3 evidence points or examples that back up the original thesis statement. (This is because the main purpose of the supporting paragraphs is to expand on the paper’s original thematic idea.) Generally, supporting paragraphs are ordered weakest to strongest point. They should also be connected in some way.

  • Wrapping It Up: The Conclusion
  • The final part of any essay is known as the conclusion. In may ways the conclusion should just be a mirror of the introduction. It should also include a summary of the main supporting points or body paragraphs. The thesis should also be “re-stated” in the conclusion using different words.

    A great conclusion should not leave any questions unanswered or introduce any new ideas. You will want to ad your final remarks in the conclusion as well as tie up any loose ends.

Obviously, learning how to write a great essay is going to take some practice. However, once you master the basic 5-paragraph structure you will be well on your way. Once you have these skills down you merely need to expand on them to write an essay or academic paper of any length. These basic paragraphs can be modified in length to create a longer more in-depth paper.

Posted by December 6th, 2016