4 popular types of essays

The four most popular types of essays that are being assigned over the course of the last year have got to be:

  1. Persuasion essays, where the writer must convince the reader to accept their viewpoint. The goal is to come up with a recommendation for the reader to look at something familiar from a different standpoint than the one that’s generally accepted. You must present facts and build a strong case. You must use logic and examples. You will employ opinion from experts and glue it all together with sound reasoning.
  2. Expository essays which just present the facts. This is an informative writing; it uses definitions and explanations. You will present the topic; support it with statistics, facts and pertinent examples. These essays hold no room for opinions or personal viewpoints. Expository writing can apply to other types of essays as well, such as the compare and contrast essay.
  3. Descriptive essays that paint a picture with words. These are just what they say: descriptive. The subject or object of the essay could be an event, person, object or place. The goal of the description is to convey deeper meaning. The writer would show this deeper meaning through the fine use of eloquent words and the ability to describe through other senses as well, like smell, touch and hearing.
  4. Narrative essays. These tell a story through the words of the writer. Usually the challenge with the narrative essay is that the student must write about themselves. The prompts make the student look deep inside and find that very tender part within, draw it out and weave it into a compelling story. The writer should write as vividly and passionately as possible. They are written in the first person tense and attempt to draw the reader in and feel what’s happening deep in the mind and heart of the writer. When you write a narrative essay, you are making a profound personal statement.

It’s always been popular for teachers to assign essays. The teacher can learn a lot about you and your academic abilities by your writing. You can learn a lot about yourself as well. The type of essay assigned is crucial for you to know. Because they all have a different strategy in writing, you must stick to your assignment and write the type of essay your teacher expects. If they assign a descriptive essay, don’t hand in a persuasion essay and so forth.

Posted by December 6th, 2016