Organizational Behavior

When an organization looks for ways to improve its function, one way to do this is to look at how all individuals react within the structure of the organization. Organizational behavior is the field of study that seeks to find out the best manner in which to integrate people in the organization. There are several ways that a group can be observed and that information can be reported. It depends on the research being done. In this case we are going to look at the micro and macro effects on the groups and their function. This area is said to be a combination of psychology, sociology and communication studies and is used to help businesses and corporations function at a higher level of efficiency.

Micro Study of Organizational Behavior

This is studying how the individual behavior of one person affects that of the group. Of course the personality and influence of each person is going to be different, but clearly the attitude and actions of the individual can have either a positive or a negative effect on the feelings and actions of the group as a whole. This individual dynamic of dissatisfaction is what all companies are looking to avoid so that they can have a workplace that is more functional and carries out the corporate influences.

Macro Study of Organizational Behavior

Another aspect of organizational behavior is the macro studying of this science. This seeks to find the best ways to influence the group to implement training plans and accept decisions being made from higher up the chain. How the group will behave under certain conditions can almost be predicted and planned for. The science is seeking to control, understand and predict the behavior of the group and how they will act under any set of circumstances. This concentration has been seen as a tool of industry to attempt to control the behavior of workers and keep them in line and producing effectively at the lowest cost possible. The goals seem to be to make an organization run smoother and to provide ways for all individuals to be assimilated into the whole of the corporate structure. This means that the influence of the individual is minimized and the influence of the group enhanced.


As corporations in America seek methods to control their employees, there is a field of study that has emerged called organizational behavior. This science analyzes the behaviors of people within the group and determines how best to minimize the influence of the individual on group behavior and maximize the influence of the corporation over the workers it employs.

Posted by December 6th, 2016