A List Of 5 Persuasive Essay Topics That Will Make Your Paper Shine

The persuasive essays are in huge demand these days for academic writing. A lot of students spend their critical time in researching about particular persuasive essay topics. The main idea in choosing a particular persuasive essay is to check that if you can make enough arguments to convince the reader using your words. Arguments in a persuasive essay are very important, as they logically draw a conclusion of the topic that you chose to write on.

Persuasive Essay Topics

Following are 5 of the excellent persuasive essay topics that can be fairly easy to write about based on your opinion:

  • Medical and Healthcare – It can be a very comprehensive topic where different people can have different opinions based on their geographical location and circumstances. You can devise your own opinion and try logically to convince the readers towards the opinion that you represented.
  • The Dangers of Cholesterol – A lot of ideas and opinions can be presented by you under this topic. You can talk about people diet, their healthy lifestyle and various other activities that they can do to control cholesterol. A unique and a reasonable opinion can make your paper shine and this essay topic can be the one that can do the job for you.
  • Capital Punishment Issues – It is yet another topic where different people from different places have varied opinions. Some are in favor of capital punishment and some are totally against. You can have your own opinion and try to gather as many points as you can in order to support your opinion. Just make sure that you never get short of ideas when you are trying to convince the reader towards your opinion. You just have to be sure that the reasons given are logical and very few people would argue against your opinions given.
  • Legalization of Marijuana – Although, it is a banned substance throughout the world except Netherlands but still a lot of people, especially youngsters have mixed opinions about the legalization if Marijuana. It can be an exciting topic to place your opinion and it would definitely be a good thing from the reader’s perspective, provided if you remain logical in your opinion.
  • Books or ebooks – It is a very diverse topic and your persuasive essay on this topic can turn out to be a masterpiece. You should intelligently exploit the preferences of different people in the selection between traditional books or ebooks.

Posted by December 6th, 2016