PhD dissertation help: finding a writing partner

Writing your dissertation paper may be one of the most important moments in your life, especially if you want to pursue an actual career in the academic field. Furthermore, if you are writing on a topic you are fascinated of, it will all come much easier and much more natural and it will be more interesting for you to do it.

The biggest impediment that is probably stopping you from actually starting to work on your dissertation paper is probably the short amount of time you have. The truth is that by the time you have reached your doctorate studies, it is quite likely that you also have a job to sustain yourself and that it is probably taking quite a lot of your time. Thus, you will not be able to dedicate your entire days to doing research and you may be too tired at the end of the day to actually start reading anything.

What you can do to get things done in a more entertaining way is finding a writing partner. It is quite likely that you know at least one person who is also trying to write his/her dissertation paper and if he/she is researching the same field as you are, it will be even much better since you may be able to help each other with books and information.

Working with a writing partner can make everything more pleasant and it can motivate you. As a matter of fact, he/she is probably going through the same thing as you and you will be able to motivate each other and to remind each other how important this is for both of you. Also, the breaks will be much more pleasant and if you start to get along really well with your partner, you will actually looking forward to your research time and you will not find it as energy-wrecking as before.

There is one thing you should be careful of when choosing a dissertation writing partner and that is making sure that he/she will not distract you from your work. Make sure to find someone for whom this paper is as important as it is for you and do make sure that you both stick to your schedules and that you do not engage in never-ending chats that will delay your actually research time. Other than that, this can be a great occasion of making a friend for life, so do enjoy every single minute of it!

Posted by December 6th, 2016