Top 3 Essay Editing Software

There are many ways to edit essays once they have neared completion. You could go about the task yourself, pouring through each page once again, ensuring organizational quality and clarity. This can be a tedious undertaking, and may not be very efficient; it is often said that writers don’t make good editors for themselves. You could, if desired, hire an individual or service to aid you in your editing. This is slightly more reliable, as you are typically getting input from an expert. However, it can be a fairly expensive undertaking. Editors and editing services want hefty sums for their work, at least in general, and as a poor student you may not be capable of paying those debts. So, what other options do you have?

Editing software – free and purchasable programs designed to edit essays, specifically – are now available through various sources. This has become a quick, easy and reliable way for students to bring their mediocre essay versions up to startlingly high quality. With advancements in technology, newer and newer version of editing software have become more innovative and adept at editing all kinds of academic writing. Of the essay editing software available to the general student public today, the top three choices would have to be the following:

  • Clear Edits. A software program that took over a decade to make, Clear Edits has astounded even the best writers with its revision prowess. It is specifically designed to improve the clarity, emphasis and efficiency of your essay. You can even choose what kinds of edits you want from the program; are you looking for more clarity in your wording? Is your writing not strong enough, or perhaps too emphatic? Clear Edits can be structured to your needs, exactly, providing completely authentic editing help.
  • Style Writer. Style Writer was developed specifically to improve communication from students through their academic work. The Style Writer program is built to address various advanced editing concerns, including target audience, writing clarity, spelling errors and even customized statistical needs. The program must be purchased, but has an excellent reputation for improving, polishing and perfecting essay writing that was otherwise unimpressive.
  • OpenOffice. OpenOffice is a free, downloadable software program that is highly similar to Microsoft Word. The word processor facet of this program will identify ways to improve the quality of your writing. With decades of experience and thousands of positive reviews, it is perhaps one of the most widely used, free editing and writing programs available on the internet today.

Posted by December 6th, 2016