10 medical research paper topics

Writing medical research papers are some of the hardest assignments a student can be given. Medical topics require a great deal of backing and sources to back up the points that you are going to be making. Most medical research papers require hard work, a lot of time, and attention to detail. There will need to be a lot of brainstorming done before you start actually writing the paper. This will help you focus on what topic will work the best for your assignment and help give you focus and direction for your writing. Here are some ideas you can use to develop your own medical research paper topics:

  • Antibiotic Resistance Bacteria - talk about how the use of antibiotics can impact medical advances and what happens when bacteria become resistant to the current treatments and options that are available.
  • Parkinson Disease and How it Impacts Muscle Control - a closer look at the disease, its causes, its affects on the body, and what treatments exists that can help alleviate these symptoms.
  • Breast Cancer Therapies and Treatment Alternatives - look at the advances in treating breast cancer that has helped save so many lives and what new advances and new thoughts and approaches that now exist and are growing in popularity.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder - focus on how the disorder is diagnoses and what new treatments are being discovered- for either children or adults.
  • Medical Treatment Problems Associated With Technology – look at some of the cases where new advances have not solved all of the problems and how personal touch and old foundational methods can still be the most effective.
  • Homeopathy Overview - an overview of this practice, what it means for patients, the pros and cons, and what the future looks like in regards to this medical approach.
  • Yoga and Its Use as a Holistic Pain Treatment Methods - an overview of yoga, what its benefits are in terms of health and wellness and how it can be used to treat a wide variety of issues.
  • A Nurse’s Perspective on Depression and Anxiety - how nurses deal with these very real issues and how their patients can impact them and their moods day to day.
  • Consumers’ Role and Work in Changes in the Health Care System - the growing role that consumers have and how the consumer voice makes an impact on the ways the health care and medical system works.
  • Governmental Steps to Improve Healthcare System Regulations – the work that is being done to help address areas of concern for the health care system and how the government works to ensure people have access to the medical care they need.
  • Posted by December 6th, 2016