In Search Of A Checked Formal Exploratory Essay Example Available For Free

What is an exploratory essay?

From the academic point of view, there are 4 types of essays most commonly used:

  • Exploratory
  • Persuasive
  • Analytical
  • Argumentative

The major focus is made on the above types and students are required to prepare related topics.

The most common one is the exploratory type which is a nonfiction work, where the writer is given the liberty to use his innovative ideas and imaginations to solve a given problem and also use his personal experience. This type is more into solving issues and exploring ideas to problems.

Where to find formal exploratory essay examples for free?

When students are assigned to write exploratory essays, they often face difficulty in understanding its structure and format. For the purpose of their ease a number of samples are available online on various websites. Such websites help the students to understand the kind of articles they are asked to write. It also saves a lot of their time which could be otherwise spent in trying to know the structure without any success.

Apart from online websites, many English grammar books are also available in the library where one can go through the related topics and enhance his knowledge on it.

The structure of exploratory essays

An ideal exploratory article should contain the following sub heads:

  • Introduction: Here the topic is defined and the concerned problem is explained in details.
  • Body: In this section additional information regarding the issue and its solutions are mentioned. A detailed comparison is done for the all the ideas generated and new ones are also touched upon.
  • Conclusion: The last section of the writing is the conclusion where reference is made to the introduction and solutions chosen for the problem mentioned is highlighted.

Various quotes by famous authors and from popular books can also be used in these types of essays.

Some examples of exploratory essay topics:

  • Divorce adversely impacting children
  • Religion having positive impacts on families
  • Adoption is the best way to build a new family
  • Joint families are better for raising children
  • Teenager marriage has a negative effect on the couple
  • Friendship is important in selecting a life partner
  • Remarriages are often not a success
  • Is friendship with ex-spouse a good idea?

Hundreds of other topics also exist for the purpose of writing and to give writers an opportunity to express their views and ideas relating to a problem or an issue.

Posted by December 6th, 2016