Where To Search For Great Examples Of Argumentative Essays

Argumentative Essays Should Be everywhere on the web because . . .

Argumentative essays are a common part of freshman and sophomore English programs. They have a very direct, argumentative tone and purpose. Your purpose in an argumentative essay is to argue for one side of a debate. We should, for example, do something about global warming now. Or, we should do something now to save endangered animals such as polar bears and whales.

Be careful when selecting your topic

Argumentative essays can easily become problematic if you choose a topic that is overly controversial. Such topics would be anything to do with race, religion, God, the existence of God, Allah, Buddah, etcetera, abortion, or the legalization of marijuana. The problem can arise if the student feels overly strongly about the topic—then the essay can suffer from a lack of objective organization, structure, and tone.

Also, you want to make sure to weave in as much research as is proper, enough to support your argument and back up your claims.

Don’t Forget To Acknowledge the Opposition and Refute it

There is also one other part or two, rather, that students frequently forget which actually help strengthen the argument. They forget to acknowledge the other side and then refute or rebut it with their own argument. For example, if you were arguing for stronger gun control measures, you would have to present what your opposition would say in their strongest argument against you. What you then do is present your strongest argument to rebut them.

When looking for samples look for the following elements

So, when looking for good samples of argumentative essays on the web, make sure to look for ones that have a strong introduction, good evidence body paragraphs that are full of strong research from quality sources, that they acknowledge the opposition and then refute it, and a high quality close that echoes in the mind and ear of the reader.

Where to Find High Quality Argumentative Essays

You can find high quality essays on Google and on university web sites such as OWL Purdue—ones which have samples of essays in proper APA and MLA format. Search Google for “Award winning argumentative essays” and then use these as a model for your own essay. Hopefully, this way, you will write an award winning essay yourself and get an A++.

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