Running out of hope to find good topics for argumentative essays

As a student, deadlines are always lurking and no matter how many classes you are taking sometimes those deadlines can sneak up and become the next day without even realizing it.  Now you are staring at a deadline to have the topic picked out for the next paper and have no idea what to write about, or even the time to pre-research to see if it’s a topic worth choosing.  Here are some great topics for an argumentative essay when you are against that deadline and need a subject worth writing about.

Topic Ideas

  • Does the chemicals in deodorants, soaps and other products have an effect on Breast Cancer?
  • So abortion be legal? Why it should or shouldn't be.
  • How far is too far with groups such as PETA?  
  • Should animals be experimented on?
  • How should animals be treated?
  • Are medical cost justified?
  • Healthcare: high priced scam or helpful hand?
  • Why the death penalty should be outlawed.
  • Why the death penalty should be used more often.
  • Death Row Inmates: how should they be treated?
  • Is genetic cloning playing God or advancing medicine?
  • Plastic surgery: Great way to upgrade the body or out of control surgical procedures?
  • Does plastic surgery cross the line?
  • Is social media a harmful tool for children?
  • Should social media be monitored better?
  • How should social media be policed?

These topics can get you started for your argumentative essay, so that when it comes time to write your paper topic, you have a great starting place.  Because no matter which of these topics you choose, you can create a great argumentative essay.  Once you choose a stance and position, on the subject matter, you can write an amazing argumentative essay that will blow the teacher out of the water.  

Other Tips

  • Pick a side and stick to it. Even if personally you see the grey and find yourself back and forth on a subject, when writing the argumentative essay, stick to the side you have chosen for your paper.  A paper that wavers isn’t a strong paper.
  • Point out the perceived flaws.  When you have chosen a side of the argument, explain what the opposite side says the flaws are and then explain why those are invalid.  The best way to defend your side, is to show the other side errors.
  • Have credible evidence.  When arguing a point, have supported credible evidence in your corner.  Don’t uses sources like Wiki pages, while you can find sources there, they aren't the most credible.  Use journals and textbooks for sources of information to support your argument.

Posted by December 6th, 2016