Why is Academic Essay Editing Important?

Most students aren’t big into the whole essay-writing scene – and who could blame them? With essay after essay bearing down on students throughout middle school, high school and college, it’s no wonder they get tired of the assignments. Most students just hope to write up a paper real quick, turn it in and not have to suffer through another – at least for a few days. With so much discouragement and disinterest in academic essays, it’s easy to see how certain steps of the writing process – like the planning and editing stage – get completely skipped. Students just want to write the irritable thing as quickly and painlessly as possible. It is a headache for them, after all.

Skipping crucial writing process steps, however, can do more harm than good. Students that are trying to get through these assignments quickly and effortlessly may be setting themselves up for even more painful failures. Academic essay editing, for example, is one of the most crucially important steps to the entire essay writing process. Those that skip this step end up with lower grades, lower GPAs, and less retained learning that students that took time to review and revise their essays. So why is academic essay so important? How can this simple, little step mean the difference between an A+ grade and an academic flop.

Make Sure To Edit Your Essay

When you think about it, the answer is simple. Essay editing is important because it catches all those organizational errors and minuscule mistakes that drag a paper down. First of all, you need to edit essays because the composition may not be functional. When students are very close to an assignment, writing constantly, focusing on one paragraph after another and enraptured with the topic, they can forget that the essay should function as one whole unit. Students that don’t edit often produce disjointed essays that skip to different points or present insightful, yet disorganized thoughts. This can make a paper extremely difficult to read. Students that skip editing may also provide too much unneeded information or find they are missing substantial evidence toward their claim. All these errors could be avoid with a quick read-through and a single edit.

Editing is also important because it cleans up language. Editing can help writers catch small mistakes (such as spelling errors or punctuation mishaps) as well as huge ones (such as saying, “I do support the death penalty” instead of, “I do not support the death penalty”). Comprehension incongruities and reading difficulties can be more easily avoided through the use of editing. By the time students get to college, they should be adept at the editing process and employ it regularly. It’s important for preserving ideas, organizing arguments and presenting a clear, reliable essay piece.

Posted by December 6th, 2016