How to compose a college essay: never rely on one source

When you write a college essay, you are showing your knowledge, thinking, and skills to your professor. In order to show what you know, you should show your professor that you can find several sources to support your thoughts. When you only use one source, your professor will not be able to see that you can support yourself with a variety of experts.

You Are Not an Expert, So Do Not Write As One

This might sound insulting, but you are just a college student. At this point, you are not an expert in any subject, because you have not yet earned a degree. Your professor knows this and by assigning an essay, your professor wants you to expand your knowledge base and investigate what experts agree or disagree with you. By only showing one source, you continue to be just a college student. And worse, you show your professor that you do not care to investigate any other sources - even if that is not your intention.

Professors and Lazy Students

College professors might think you are a lazy student when you only use one source in your essays. Now that information is so readily available, it is vital that you show you know how to find information. Most college essays require students to show a counter-argument, so you will not only want to find sources that support your ideas, but sources that you can argue against. In many situations, showing how your opponent is wrong is one more way to show that you are right. Consulting the counter-argument helps you make better decisions about the direction of your college essay.

Sources Can Be Unreliable

Another reason to avoid using just one sources is that the source could be wrong or unreliable. The Internet is a great source of knowledge, but not all of that knowledge is shared by experts. Anyone can write an article for the Internet and post it. This mean that anyone can find that article and read it. That one source could be written by someone who has not conducted any research, but just wrote. Unreliable sources run rampant on the Internet, which is why professors want to see several sources from expert writers.

Show your professors you care and that you want to learn. By including a variety of valid, reliable sources, you will be able to support your thoughts and craft a high quality college essay.

Posted by December 6th, 2016