What is an essay support structure?

When you’re writing an essay, you need a solid foundation to build on. Just like constructing a building, having a good outline and structure before you begin will make things so much easier for you. Having a support structure is just another word for a good outline. To make one, there are a few tips to follow. It’s worth the time making an outline became of the time it will save you. So many students get frustrated over their essay writing, and knowing what you’re getting into beforehand will really help ease some of that stress.

As a student with so much going on in your life, you might not have much time to devote to making a good essay. Many students find themselves stuck with hardly any time to work before their deadline, and that’s a problem when you haven’t even started the essay. It might seem like a waste of time to try making an outline, but having that structure done before you start writing will make you spend less time on the first draft. If you don’t have to worry over the structure as you’re writing, and it’s already set out for you, you can focus better and write faster.

Creating a Good Outline Structure

Keep reading if you want to know how to make an outline easily and quickly.

  1. Start with the guidelines from your professor and make a checklist of everything you need to have in this essay
  2. Also make sure that you constantly remember your main topic because every part of your structure and essay needs to connect back to that topic
  3. Have a summary description for each section that you need, such as introduction, body and conclusion
  4. Add in some of your research: if there’s a quote you want to put at the very end, or in a certain place in the essay, add that into your outline
  5. Go over your entire page again to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, and your outline is done!

After you’ve gone through each of those steps, pat yourself on the back – you have a good support structure now. As you start writing the essay, you basically just have to fill in the blanks and spaces in the outline. Take each summary of the sections and expand on your ideas to complete the full scope of the essay.

Posted by December 6th, 2016