How to edit your essay in no time

As you progress through your schooling, you will spend a large amount of your time in high school and secondary schools composing essays and papers. You need to get very comfortable with writing and rewriting your papers. The process of editing your essay can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and frustrating. The following are things to concentrate on to help you to edit your essay in no time at all:

  • The flow of your essay. One of the first steps when writing an essay is to create a comprehensive and exhaustive outline. This will allow you to chart the course of your essay through an introduction, body and conclusion. The body of the argument will contain smooth transitions from point to point. As you edit your essay, look for continuity in the entire essay, in each paragraph, and in each section. If the flow of your essay is disjointed, or you jump from point to point with no apparent reason, no one will ever finish reading your work.
  • Make sure the essay is clear and concise. When you read through your paper in the editing process, focus on whether the sentences convey the point and/or argument you are asserting in your essay. In addition, as you read through your essay, concentrate on the length of paragraphs, sections, and arguments. If you feel that a paragraph is too long, or you spend too much time on a minor argument and not enough on the major points, than you need to rework your essay. The clearer the essay the easier to read.
  • It is vital to proofread. You check for the flow of the essay and are happy. The writing is clear. Your arguments are valid and conclusions factually supported. You feel great. However, you failed to correct all of the spelling mistakes. Also, there are quite a few grammatical errors. This is the death knell for your essay. If a reader comes across a mistake, they will get distracted. A distracted reader will not pay attention to what you have written, or worse, never even finish reading your work. If your intended audience fails to finish reading your work, you will suffer the consequences. You must take the time to check for all spelling and grammatical errors.

An essay represents time spent and energy devoted to researching and creating a solid piece of writing. In order to make it a masterpiece, concentrate on the above factors, and you will be editing your work in no time at all.

Posted by December 6th, 2016