Never Choose Boring Evaluative Essay Topics

When writing an evaluative essay choose a topic that interests you. If you choose a boring topic to write about, then the reader will be disinterested while reading it. In most cases, your teacher or professor is reading your essay. It is crucial that you keep their interest throughout your essay because your grade depends on it.

What is an Evaluative Essay?

An evaluative essay judges or evaluates a subject. When writing this type of essay, you must explore the subject fully and present evidence and views to support the arguable judgment that you’ve made.

Writing Your Evaluative Essay

Use criteria and evidence to present your opinion. Since you must have an opinion that you talk about in this type of essay, you obviously should not pick something boring to write about.

Out of the Box Topics

Here are a few topics you could write an interesting evaluative essay about:

  • An evaluation of a TV commercial, an advertisement, a billboard, etc.
  • A review of a popular song this year. Whether it is a song you like or not, you could write an interesting evaluative essay about it. You could include the society the song is flourishing in, and why people like it. You will just have to make sure you are as objective as possible and go in to the paper with an opinion.
  • Evaluate the role music plays in the background of a movie of your choice.
  • Evaluate a book. Good choices would be current best-sellers, classics, books that are commonly taught in high schools, or a book you love.
  • Evaluate a movie. Talk about why it was terrible or talk about or why it was fantastic.
  • Evaluate an exhibition at a museum. Or you can evaluate a specific piece of an exhibition or a particular photographer or artist.
  • Evaluate the design of a building.
  • Evaluate a cafe, restaurant, or club.
  • Evaluate a video game. Good choices would be popular video games, video games that are controversial, video games that are thought to encourage violent behavior, or your favorite video game.
  • Evaluate a website design. Why is it set up the way it is? Why is the website in a specific color? For this, researching what effects certain colors have on a person would be useful. For example: The color blue is calming, represents communication, promotes interaction, and most color blind people can see it. Many social media sites use the color blue for those reasons. Blue will, for some reason, keep you awake longer if you are looking at it when trying to sleep- thus keeping you on a website longer.
  • Touching on the previous topic idea, evaluate a color and its use in advertisements, store logos and names, websites, and why it is used as the wall color of certain types of buildings (doctor’s offices, classrooms, etc).

Topics on this list will be interesting for you to write about and interesting for anyone to read. If your teacher gives you an evaluative essay on a certain topic, find a way to make that interesting to you. Otherwise, reading about topics like this will be a refreshing change for your teacher.

Posted by December 6th, 2016