Resources for your Essay: Go Online, Head to the Library or Search an Academic Database?

One of the greatest aspects of being a student today with an essay assignment is that there are a multitude of options to find all of the information a writer will need to create an informative essay that earns a great grade. There are three options we will discuss in this report. First you can use a internet search, go online and find information to support your essay ideas. Secondly, there is the option of visiting your library and attacking your research in a more old fashioned way, looking through the bookshelves for information. Thirdly, an academic database can provide a fertile ground of research that an author can use to create an original and interesting essay about almost every topic. Which is best to use? That is what you will have to decide.

Researching Online

One of the first things that students learn today is that finding a wealth of information is easy when you look online. This type of search is quick and easy. You simply find a search engine and type in your topic and all of the relevant articles and topics are returned in a list format. For most topics, there is a virtually unlimited number of sources which can be accessed by simply going online. There are a few problems if you go this route. First, it can take some time to find the most relevant articles, because they are listed by the search engines criteria, not yours. There are paid advertisements to wade through, after all, these organizations are trying to make money. Another major drawback is that you often have no idea of the validity of a source you find in an online search.

Head to the Library

It might be considered old school, but going to the library may be the most legitimate form of research for an essay topic. There is a building full of resource material and you simply have to find them in order to access this incredible knowledge. The drawbacks here are that the research process can be a bit time consuming, as you search the hard copy resources for the most relevant information. The library is a great place to perform research and to work on an essay.

Search an Academic Database

This can be done from most colleges, and the positive part is that a lot of knowledge can be found and it all comes from well researched credible sources. It can be a bit time consuming to search each document and see what, if any, of that paper relates to your topic. Even the Papers that do relate to your topic, may not be quite lengthy and take some time to browse through for the valuable nuggets of information you are looking for. No matter which type of research a student decides to choose, it is clear that combining parts of all three of these techniques will allow for the quickest and most thorough results in creating the most informative and interesting essays.

Posted by December 6th, 2016