How To Develop Good Essay Writing Skills: Tips For High School Students

Learning how to write is a smart decision for students. Over the course of four years of high school and college, this ability will be especially useful. Since very few students are naturally born with writing talent, this skill must be nurtured by the student. This can be done through reading writing books, practicing and getting feedback.

Read Often and Read Well

The best writers are always the best readers as well. To learn this skill, students should read at least one book a week. If the student has time, they should plan on reading two or three books every week. By reading more, the student will expose themselves to different writing styles, ideas and techniques. It may be a time-consuming technique, but it is one of the best ways to ensure that the student is an excellent writer.

Prepare for Academic Writing

When writing a paper for school, students have to learn how to excel at academic writing. Unlike novels or letters, students must avoid informal phrases or overly casual writing. As a rule, academic writers will never use contractions like “don't” or “can't”. Subjective descriptions like beautiful painting or happy child are generally avoided because the essay seeks to prove a fact. Additionally, students must avoid cliches or plain language. Words like “well”, “um” or other speech-like phrases should be avoided.

One of the main mistakes that students make in academic writing is the use of the word “I”. The word “I” should never be included in academic writing. This standard stretches back to the Enlightenment. Back in the Enlightenment Age, the academician sought to prove something irrefutably in their essay. By using the word “I”, the writer implies that the essay subjectively applies to just them instead of everything. As a result, the word “I” was banned from academic writing.

Back Everything Up

When writing a paper, students must back everything they say up with a source and a citation. If the student cannot cite dates, statistics or quotes, they should not use it in their paper. The student will be marked down by their teacher if they do not adequately show their research.

Get Feedback

No one is perfect at writing and incorporating every essay-writing rule is impossible in the beginning. Instead of expecting perfection, students should get feedback on their writing. A teacher or parent may be able to help with editing and proofreading the student's writing. Once the editing is complete, the student should read through their paper carefully to figure out exactly what they need to do differently.

Posted by December 6th, 2016