Comparing New Deal And Great Society

During the 1930s the New Deal and the many policies of it led to great things, including the testing of the educational programs found in our schools today. There were new standards set that guided and redefined the government organizations responsible for the construction of schools and teachers as well as the courses being offered to the students. The great Society held education with less enthusiasm and viewed it as something that was not that important. Instead The Great Society focused attention on getting more jobs in the world and obtaining federal relief.

New Deal

During the Depression the New Deal showed the need for school intervention to take place. They wanted to educate blacks and other groups of people who were usually shun and not given the same opportunities of learning as other groups of people. They worked diligently to reconstruct policies and make reforms that would benefit each person in our society, not just one racial group or the other. The new deal wanted everyone to be treated as one, to be treated equally and to have the same opportunities to obtain a good education. The group did a lot of research which helped contribute to the educational changes that we have in place today.

Great Society

The Great Society justified their actions against blacks and similar race groups. They made their justifications based upon the education policy already in place, despite knowing full well what blacks wanted. The great Society had two main goals in mind. One goal was to use social reform ot eliminate poverty and the second to eliminate racial injustice. They used the policies put in place by New Deal to ensure that innovative thoughts and ideas were continued to be found. They wanted to eliminate poverty and put an end to discrimination.


Although similar in nature and desires, the two groups were also vastly different, too but were both ongoing during the Depression. Both of the groups wanted to put an end racial diversity but they held different views about how to actually do this it is safe to say, however, that both groups made a major impact on our history and the world as we know it today. Although not all of the steps taken by the groups were effective, many of them were and are to thank for the world as we know it today.

Posted by December 6th, 2016