Targeting consumers effectively

Consumer targeting means filtering out the potential customers for your product or service from a certain population. It is done in order to determine how much expected sales the product will have and how should the product be designed to meet the needs of these specific people. There is a big impact on sales of the company by targeted marketing as compared to having a general audience.

Effective targeting involves dividing the customers on the basis of demographics, psychographics, and adaptive targeting techniques. The basic qualities of a consumer can reveal a lot about him. This means the gender, age group, profession and the level of education. People who are married will have different preferences than those who are not. Demographic results are not vague and have a clear-cut answer. People can have a specific number of children, a certain earning, and a finite count of the family members, be married or single etc. These results will never be biased. The customer or the person who is being interviewed cannot give ambiguous answers to such questions. The room for uncertainty in a demographic research is minimized. Psychographic means the perception of the people about certain products. It is very helpful in researching for consumables and products like cigarettes and cosmetics. These methods of targeting are quite old and have been in practice since long. With the advancements in technology there have been new ways introduced to target consumers effectively and in a shorter time period. The increased usage of social media has made it necessary for every company to develop social media campaigns and then carry out a social media analysis to see how consumers connect to a brand and what value they place on certain services. It is important for the marketers to take their targets seriously. They must know which consumer will be viable and how can they pitch him. The sales pitch is different for different customers and must be targeted at each individual separately. Most important of all effective targeting needs to be executed and planned using common sense. The consumers are humans and their needs are also human. The product or service we are going to sell them must meet their expectations.

The above mentioned ways are quite helpful in targeting consumers effectively. However it is important to know that targeting is merely the beginning and there is a lot more to do in a business.

Posted by December 6th, 2016