Frankenstein – Edited Essay Sample

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a literary science fiction work with Gothic and Roman infusions. This literary trailblazer has influenced much of literature and popular culture. It also gave rise to a new genre of horror stories and films. In this work, experiments are carried out in the laboratory and they set off a reaction that achieves amazing and chilling results.

In the story, Captain Walton decides to explore the North Pole for his scientific purposes. On the way to the Pole, Walton and his crew rescue Victor Frankenstein who is disheveled, emaciated, and frozen to near death.

Frankenstein tells the crew of his story revealing his childhood and his love for science in particular. He tells of his desires to study theories of science that give rise to natural wonders. Frankenstein tells of how after his mother’s death he sets off to imbue her body with life. This is after he excels at University in sciences. After creating the image that he thought would be beautiful, Frankenstein flees for he finds it revolting. The monster he has created disappears too.

The encounter with the monster sets off a flurry of events as when Frankenstein returns home he finds his brother murdered and sees the monster at the scene. Unable to convince anyone about the monster and letting his nanny hang for the perceived murder, he disappears into the mountains seeking serenity and calm. The he encounters the monster that tells its story articulately to Victor. Things happen and the monster murders end in Frankenstein and they both end up in the Arctic Circle in the North Pole. Frankenstein is a tragic science fiction story that pulls the reader into the intrigues of murder, science, and revenge.

Posted by December 6th, 2016