Few topics can raise a strong opinion as much as the mention of abortion. People have a clear cut opinion about the morality and legality that surrounds the medically induced termination of a pregnancy. Many people easily jump onto their moral high horses as they look at the situation in general but each case of an unwanted pregnancy is unique and should not be judged under that blanket. The problem with the issue is that every person applies their own moral compass to the behavior of others, this leads to a separation and a lack of understanding. It is easy to hate and dislike someone if you generalize people, and this is the major issue.

Pro Life

One side of the argument is from the people who feel that abortion is wrong no matter what they do. Often time the religious factors of these people are going to be used to create judgments about others who do not believe the same as they do. The most radical of these have been known to use violence to make their case. They will bomb clinics, killing innocent people in response to abortions. This contradiction shows an unbelievably obtuse outlook on the world. If you wanted to save lives there are people who are dying of starvation in Africa, put your effort into that, rather than bombing clinics and judging the lives of others.

Pro Choice

The other side is the one that thinks that all reproductive choices should belong to the woman whose body is containing the pregnancy. It doesn’t matter to them how conception was accomplished, abortion should be legal. Now if sexual activity was a conscious decision then one of the potential outcomes can always be pregnancy. Using abortion as a for m of retroactive birth control is clearly wrong as well. When you look at society, there are many people who clearly should not be parents. Their children are treated to a life of neglect and want. So you have to ask yourself which side you would rather be on. It seems clear that men do not have much of a right to be involved in this argument, since they will never have to go through the pain of giving birth.

The argument is made continually since abortions were legalized in the early 1970’s and still there is no common ground. That is one of the reasons that it is such a violent opposition. Those who are pro life will always remain that way and those that are pro choice will continue believing it is a woman’s choice to do this. As they generalize and stereotype each other there is little chance of finding common ground in this battle over abortion.

Posted by December 6th, 2016