Elaborate guides on how to write creative writing essays

Throughout your academic life there will be times when you're called upon to write a creative essay. Creative writing for some people is easy. It comes naturally. For other people they have to work at it. In this article we will look at ways and means to make creative writing a successful activity.

Are you mentally and physically in the mood?

Any form of writing requires full concentration. But if you're writing an essay based on research you have gathered from books, journals and websites, you are following the argument which you plan to develop. This is not exactly the same in creative writing because you are inventing things; you are making up the information in your creative essay. This requires you to be completely relaxed and open to allowing your imagination to run free.

Creative writing is one type of writing where you can seriously enjoy your work. You are writing about something you truly enjoy. You are creating every aspect of the story. Enjoy your writing.

The topic is always important

We talk about the topic when you are choosing something to write with any type of essay. In this case it's the subject of your creative writing which is important. If you are writing about a character or an event or a place you have a great fondness or love for, those emotions will spill over into the writing of your creative essay. Choose something which really appeals to you.

The first step is often the hardest

Many people about to engage in creative writing stare at a blank page or a blank computer screen and scratch their head. What on earth am I going to write about? How will I start? Sometimes the best way to overcome that situation is to just start. Write your first sentence. It's not important that you don't have a complete story in your mind when you start. Sometimes making a start will trigger other ideas and the plot will form from that.

Have you got emotion in your writing?

Creative writing is unique. It's you making up the whole darn shooting match. But if you want the reader to become involved in your story, it's important that you get beneath the skin of the character. You need to reveal their emotions. These emotions will appeal to the emotions of the person doing the reading.

Posted by December 6th, 2016