College essay editing – can I trust the writing service?

If you’ve never ordered an essay from a writing service for a college assignment, the process can be a bit nerve-wracking. However, if you channel your anxiety properly, you can order an essay in confidence, while using the necessary caution.

Finding the Right Service

First, you need to find a service that provides exactly the sort of assignment you’re ordering. Not all writing services provide every type of assignment. If you’re in a hard sciences field, for example, you’ll almost certainly need to find a service that specializes.

Finding a Reputable Service

Once you’ve found some services that claim to provide what you’re looking for, you’ll want to do some research to ensure that they haven’t scammed other students in the past. You’ll probably be able to find negative reviews if you look around hard enough online. Choose an essay service that’s been in business for a while as well; brand new services simply haven’t been around long enough to have the sort of reviews you’re looking for.

Request a Sample

If your essay is supposed to be ten pages, just order the introduction to start with. Doing so will give you a chance to judge the quality of the writing and how in line it is with the requirements of your particular assignment. You can also pick out phrases, sentences, and passages from the essay to search online as a preliminary check for plagiarism. If the introduction passes muster, order a portion of the body of the essay, and check to be certain the sources cited are valid. Better yet, test a service out by ordering a small, unimportant assignment first.

Order with Time to Spare

The most common, and worst, mistake made is ordering your essay last minute. Even a trustworthy service can only deliver a certain level of quality in a couple of hours—at that point, you’re better off just trying to put something on paper yourself. If you order early, you won’t pay extra fees for fast turnaround, plus you’ll have time to send it back for necessary revisions or tweak the essay yourself. You’ll also be able to correct any formatting errors, investigate sources to determine that they’re authentic, and otherwise ensure that you’ve received a high quality, custom written essay. Expect to put forth a bit of your own effort if you really want a great score; whether that means proofreading the paper yourself, adding a source or two, or gathering sources to provide to the company.

Posted by December 6th, 2016