Check Plagiarism in Your Essays Every Time You Are Ready to Submit

So you’ve finished your essay and you’re ready to get rid of it and just turn it in already, right?


Before turning in your essay always check it for plagiarism. You will know if you stole work and copied to the “T”, but it can’t hurt to check before you send your paper in. You can check your paper in a variety of plagiarism checkers online. You simply need to type in “plagiarism checker” in your web browser of choice and pick one. The top searches in the list are the suggested sites to go with.

“What’s with all this checking business?”

With the internet came easier access to a wealth of information: full book, encyclopedias, published works, etc. All of these are good for research, but since it’s all there it’s easier to use this work in essays and such and not cite authors. Since then, sites have popped up which allows teachers and students to check if work has been copied in any way. It can also be used by authors to check if their work has been published online in some way.

Problems with Plagiarism in Essays

There are a number of plagiarism ideas in papers now and days--sometimes intentional, other times unintentional, and other times simply in the rush to get the paper done. There are also teachers who just don’t play “unintentional” and will bust you on the spot.

Yes, that was a little straight forward. A simple “…and will flunk you” would’ve done it. Still, you’ll simply want to send your paper in without worrying about your teacher dropping F’s on you or risking expulsion.

“Do I need to check my essays each time?”

Of course you do! Sometimes you can unknowingly put quotes from published material in your essay and not cite them--especially if you’re burning during crunch time. Putting your essay in an essay checker of some sort takes no time and it will allow you to make adjustments.

“I’ve heard of others who have gotten away with not checking.”

Well there’s nothing to “get away with” unless they intentionally put another author’s work in essay. If their essay is clean then they got away with nothing since nothing suspect was done to begin with.

So we suggest that you check your work each and every time. It takes very little time to do so and it could easily save your grade and/or make sure it says secure.

Posted by December 6th, 2016