How to Write an Impressive Essay Body Part

The primary function of the body of an essay is to present all the fundamental thoughts and ideas that were formulated in your original essay outline and your introductory paragraph. The number of body paragraphs is dependent upon the number of ideas you wish to elaborate in the essay. Keep in mind that each idea presented should be presented in a separate body paragraph. The key to writing impressive body part is as follows:

Choose a Catchy First Sentence and Adhere To It

Your first sentence or topic sentence of each paragraph will consist of the primary idea you are attempting to get across to your reader and will serve as a guide for writing the remainder of the sentences in that paragraph. The primary function of the essay body is to either explain or argue your chosen topic in as concise and compact a style as possible. Remember to stay focused on the topic sentence, offering a coherent explanation of the topic at hand and not straying from the subject matter.

Limit the Number of Sentences Within Each Paragraph

The average reader is looking to obtain a quick understanding of written content and, more often than not, is not interested in long run on sentences. Each additional paragraph following the first will be comprised of supporting points that further elaborate your main topic. Again remember to stay focused on your topic and only write relevant content that clearly expresses your topic so as not to confuse or lose your reader altogether. Remember to write only the content that is absolutely necessary and always avoid content that may be superfluous. The best reading is that which flows smoothly and delivers direct and concise information to the reader through a logical consolidation of thoughts and sentences.

Maintain a Consistent and Perceptive Pattern of Sentences

Many times the challenge in writing is to successfully have one sentence flow smoothly into the next. To accomplish this you want to remain consistent in the processing of your thoughts by developing your next sentence directly from the idea reflected in the prior sentence. This easy flowing format can be accomplished through the proper use of connecting words which serve to define the relations between various sectors of your essay. The use of connecting words provides the reader with a clear and logical flow of your thought process and enables the reader to better understand and many times accept your argument or explanation. You don’t want to jump from thought to thought nor do you want to present to the reader multiple sentences that appear staggered and without validity.

Posted by December 6th, 2016