A Guide for Writing Original Essays

Writing an original essay is a somewhat easy task as long as the writer is familiar with basic structure and formatting used in the composition of an essay. Essay writing has proven to improve writer’s skills and though intimidating at times, is a challenge that can be easily overcome with the proper steps.

Select Your Topic

The first step to writing an essay is the selection of your topic to write about. You must determine if the essay you are writing is to be a general overview or is it required to be a specific analysis. Once you have determined the purpose of the essay it will be easier for you to choose your topic. Since you are able to select your own topic, be certain to choose a topic of interest that you are well versed on and can create smooth flowing content.

Write the Introduction

When writing your introduction it should be only one paragraph. Your introduction should be comprised of concise short sentences that summarize your main topic and grab the attention of your readers immediately. Your introduction should contain a combination of connecting words and phrases that will serve to connect your topic to your statement or argument and should be able to immediately capture your audience. When the reader has completed their reading of the introduction they should be clearly aware of your claim or argument.

Develop and Structure the Body

Once you have completed your introduction your next task will be to produce your body content and structure. This content should be consistent, easy flowing body content that explains your main topic in more detail. The body of an essay should be approximately three paragraphs long but can be longer depending on the complexity of your topic. Each paragraph should be similarly structured. Paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence followed by a concise explanation of the topic sentence. Keep in mind that you want your content to flow smoothly for the reader which you can accomplish easily by using connecting phrases and connecting words to join your latter thought to the previous in an effort to create smooth content.

Create the Conclusion

The last step piece of writing an original essay is to develop your conclusion which is a summary of the essay. The conclusion should include mention of your initial claim, a brief discussion of all the main points you included in your body, and should end with some form of a direct reference back to your original hook statement contained within the introduction. Many times the use of a question or famous quote is an attractive and meaningful way to end your essay.

Posted by December 6th, 2016