What Are The Most Common Types Of Essay Formats?

As a student, you will be required to write a great many of essays on a wide variety of topics depending on the subject you are studying or your degree. Your essay style will vary depending on what you will be writing about and how and what you have to communicate to your readers. Here are the most common types of essay formats, which you will come across in your academic life:

  1. Expository Essay
  2. This essay format explains, describes, or presents information to inform the reader. When the students are assigned an essay of this format, they are expected to do a good amount of research on the topic or object of interest. It is important for the writer to learn about the topic himself or herself so they can later prove their understanding effectively while writing the essay. This is essay has an impersonal style of writing but is a factual essay. In this essay, your opinion is not required.

  3. Persuasive Essay
  4. As the name suggests the essay wants you to build a convincing argument for your readers to come to agree with your idea or perspective. For writing this essay, you need to first understand the subject of interest and build your stance on it. You can only convey your point with a reasonable argument for your readers to understand easily. Citations are required for this kind of essays. This is because you have to state other people’s point of view to support your argument.

  5. Research essay
  6. The purpose of this essay is to first understand and narrow your topic and then build your argument. It requires finding the appropriate amount of information so your idea can be supported. These research essays help in interpreting your understanding and in evaluating the data or information, you have collected in order to make your point. This type of essay also consists of a reference list or bibliography. Do not forget to cite all the information that you have used from various sources.

  7. Comparison and Contrast Essay
  8. In this format type, the writer is first supposed to explore and then present the identical and differential aspects of either an event or an object or place. The writer will be expected to describe the idea and the similarity and differences between two areas of interest.

Posted by December 6th, 2016