2006 Lebanese War And The United Nation

In 2006 there was a war in Lebanon that lasted for over thirty days. This military battle was between Hezbollah and the Israeli forces. This war continued until the United Nations stepped in and forced there to be a cease of attack. This war was considered to be a continuation of other battles between similar enemies instead of its own independent battle. This war started out with kidnapping and prisoners being taken and escalated rather quickly to air force and gunfire. This war was horrific in nature, and needed the help of an outside party to end the atrocities that were happening to the people of both sides of this war.

There were many people who were killed through out this bloody war. The total body count for the Lebanese was over 1,200 people and the total body count for the Israelis was over 300,000 people killed during the war. The people who were killed were not all soldiers either. There were many civilians and innocent people who lost their lives during this war. The United Nations had to step in, or else they feared that they terror would never end between these two parties. Some of the terms of the ending of the war included the fact that in order to get the Israeli troops to leave, the Hezbollah forces had to be unarmed. This was to ensure the safety of everyone as the Israeli troops were being forced to leave. While the official end date of the war was in August, the Lebanese blockade was not taken away until the first week of September. This was a truly horrific and negative time in the Lebanese and Israeli timeline through out history. The prisoner exchange was still going on through 2008 in order for there to be peace now and down the line for the people of both sides of that war.

When it comes to wars, the 2006 Lebanese War was one of the most rapidly progressing wars of all times. This war went from threats to prisoners to gunfire within days. While the war seemed to happen quickly, it is a piece of a much larger conflict between these two sets of people. Hopefully some day they will be able to reach a point of peace and tolerance. However, as it stands, there is still a significant amount of discord between the Lebanese and Israeli people today.

Posted by December 6th, 2016