Top 10 Persuasive Essay Topics to Write a College Paper On

If you want to impress people with your persuasive essay, you will need to choose a topic that will truly interest them. Here is a list of ten topics that will definitely draw the attention of any audience today:

  1. People should encourage abortion.
  2. This subject is highly controversial and you must present your arguments in a manner that won’t be seen as offensive towards your opponents. Find some statistical evidence to support your point of view.

  3. Bullying should be punished by law.
  4. Offer a strategy of implementing bullying awareness and prevention programs at schools. Explain how making this form of abuse a serious offence will influence society as a whole.

  5. Same-sex marriages should be banned.
  6. Offer some solid evidence and examples from history in order to make your arguments stronger. Be aware that simply stating that these marriages must be banned because some religious texts say so won’t be enough to prove that this point of view is correct.

  7. Deforesting is the major cause of greenhouse effect.
  8. Include some numbers you can gather from reports regularly published by various climate committees to prove your point. List other reasons that lead to the greenhouse effect and explain why they aren’t as relevant as deforesting.

  9. Human cloning projects should be abolished.
  10. Tell the readers why you consider human cloning to be a bad thing and hypothesize what will happen to society should the scientists succeed with this project.

  11. Islamic State should be crushed.
  12. Explain what Islamic State is and why exactly it is dangerous. Calculate the risks of starting an outright war. Offer some ideas on the strategy that should be used to reduce the influence of Islamic State.

  13. Gun control regulations should be tightened.
  14. Will this help reduce the number of crimes? Explain how exactly these laws must be modified.

  15. Music lyrics must be censored.
  16. Offer your reasoning and support it with some solid evidence. Draw up a plan of a censorship committee that will be able to deal with this task.

  17. There should be no negotiations with terrorists.
  18. Is it morally wrong to abandon hostages due to this policy? Explain how negotiating with various terrorist groups will reflect on the country as a whole. Estimate whether this kind of strict policy will help solve the problem of terrorism altogether. Under what circumstances can negotiations be acceptable?

  19. School tests need to be reworked.
  20. Explain why current tests aren’t effective. Offer your ideas on how to improve them.

Posted by December 6th, 2016